The History of Same-sex Marriage


According to debated historian, the first ancient mention of the presentation of this marriage happened during the early Roman Empire. These were typically reported in a satirical or critical manner. It was started when the child emperor got married to a man also, and same-sex marriage began to be known as many.

Same-sex marriage effects to their Health


According to the health study of Columbia University Mailman School, the effects of Institutional discrimination on the psychiatric health of bisexual, lesbian and gay individuals found growth in psychiatric illnesses. The doubling of worry disorders, between the population of LGB (lesbian, gay, and bisexual), who live in states that introduced prohibitions on same-sex marriage. The study emphasized the importance of eliminating the official forms of discrimination.

In this study, the differences in the well-being and mental health of LGB persons. The official discrimination is considered by societal-level situations that limit the access and opportunities to properties by informally disadvantaged groups.

Some gay activists claimed that marriage is good for all males, whether heterosexual or homosexual, because to be involved on its social parts decreases men’s promiscuity and violence. The current data of psychological and other social science studies on this kind of marriage in comparison to mixed-sex marriage. It indicates that mixed-sex and same-sex relationships do not differ in their essential psychological dimensions; that a parent’s sexual orientation is unrelated to their ability to offer a development and healthy family setting; and that marriage gives considerable health, psychological, and social benefits.



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